Yay for prenatal pilates

In my second trimester I hit the ‘holy shit I’m not doing pilates yet, how will I ever deliver my child?!’ stage.

So since I can’t handle in-person prenatal exercise classes (hypnobirthing and breast feeding class will be weird enough) I bought a prenatal pilates DVD, specifically the 10 Minute Solution with Lizbeth Garcia.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 21.38.47

This woman has literally saved my life! Thank the lord for Lizbeth and her prenatal pilates!

I didn’t expect the aches and pains you experience when you’re pregnant. In my second trimester I was sitting on a cushion at my desk. Now in my third trimester I have days when I can barely sit down for longer than an hour without my bum going numb, and i’m using a second office chair for my aching legs. This all makes the traffic-ridden drive to and from work excruciating.

As the routines in this DVD are quite short, I’ve always got time for two 10 minute routines every day when I get in from work. This is actually working wonders on my aching muscles and bones, especially the pilates for flexibility section (‘stretch out and make room for the baby…!’) And she uses weights in some routines so it’s keeping my arms toned too which is always a bonus when you’re putting on weight- everywhere!

I think Lizbeth is about 36 weeks pregnant in this DVD and at the end of the final routine she thanks you for joining her and ‘baby Sienna Chile’. Can i just add that I really hate it when people reveal the gender AND name of their child before it’s even been born!

Anyway these days i’m loving her DVD followed by a lavender bath… Bliss.

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