Baby on board!

I never understood why women wore those ridiculous ‘baby on board’ badges on the London Underground, until now.

When I lived in London as a 20-something young professional I did possess the qualities of your average London tube commuter; fast paced, ruthless and just wanting to get somewhere- quickly.

But now 31, back living in the North East of England and with my first baby on board, it’s so much different being back in the big smoke, even if it is just for a quick train changeover.

You start asking yourself why everybody is walking so fast, where could they possibly want to be this badly?! Worried that with your baggy top and overcoat you don’t look pregnant enough for anyone to notice, or even care.

Freaking out in case someone knocks you in the belly as people come at you from all directions, and of course they’re only looking straight ahead. I mean, where else would you expect them to look?

You’re 31 weeks pregnant and struggling with a weekender case on the tube stairs. Instead of offering to help you, people prefer to trip themselves up on you, desperate to get past in case they miss the next tube, you know the one that they’ve already missed because you can clearly hear the doors close and feel the rush of wind as it drives off? Yeah that one.

You’re waddling around and people shoe-step you, constantly! Get off me!!!! I can’t walk any faster, you ever heard of over-taking?

Men, adult men that is, barge past you to get through tube barriers. God I hate those men. You know the type… Slightly balding, wears a long jacket, carries a brief case.

You finally make it on the tube, and as everyone is looking down they don’t even notice that you could really do with a seat right now. Would they offer you a seat even if they knew you were pregnant? I doubt it. And that’s not just the men.

I salute every single pregnant woman in London, especially those that commute on the tube, you deserve a medal!

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