The joys of maternity leave… not

Wow… maternity leave is pretty boring.Ok, so i’ve only just completed my first week, which is technically using up annual leave, but bloody hell i’ve been bored.

The highlight of my week was witnessing a man win £10,000 on Tipping Point with his last counter, and a guy on The Chase racking up £10,000 in his quickfire round. Not to mention many lie detector tests on Jezza Kyle, with bitches cheating all over the place.

Surely lazing around watching TV is the life? So why am I not feeling it at the minute?

Don’t get me wrong, at almost 38 weeks pregnant and feeling achy, tired and currently nursing a strained intercostal muscle from coughing, I would much rather be lazing around the house than sitting at a desk working, but it’s hard waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive. It’s an anxious wait for what you know will be a painful labour!

I’m pretty sure I have everything sorted now (nappies are the most important thing right?), so i’m finding myself willing it on to arrive early.

‘When are you coming out?’ I say about 12 times a day. I’m buying birthday cards for family members that they’ll receive before my official due date, but i’m purposely leaving a little space at the bottom of the card in case I have to add another name in the next week! Clearly wishful thinking, as I don’t think it has any intention of arriving early.

I know this is stupid, as I should be enjoying these final few weeks of  freedom before my life is ‘over’ (as a lot of people will have me believe). However, at this stage in my pregnancy it takes me triple the amount of time to do anything, so maybe the sofa is the best place for me.

At the minute i’m just hoping I don’t go overdue, or am I being completely naive as to how much this tiny little human will change my life? Will I ever see daytime TV again, or even remember a birthday?!

One thought on “The joys of maternity leave… not

  1. Please start enjoying those last few days as you really will not know what has hit you when he/she is on the outside! Buy a stack of belated birthday cards or register on an online card website while you can as, I promise you, you won’t have time or the brain power to remember birthdays apart from your child’s (which will be engraved on your soul!) xx


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