My top 5 tips for avoiding maternity clothes

For the last four months I’ve been living in five outfits, because I refuse to buy maternity clothes.

Ok, that’s not entirely true, I have two pairs of maternity jeans that are literally the best pregnancy purchases I’ve made (even better than the pregnancy pillow!), but apart from that it’s been floaty dresses all the way.

First of all even finding nice maternity wear is difficult; there’s nothing in the shops so you have to shop online, and all anyone seems to sell are unflattering stripy tops with far too much bump space for what you’re carrying.

And then there’s the price; I’m not paying £19.99 for a top that I’ll only wear for a few months and never again unless I have another child!

I mean, shouldn’t all maternity wear be half price?!

I’ve put together some tips on how you can still be comfortable in regular clothes without the added stress of sourcing maternity wear.

Buy a size bigger
H&M and New Look sell t-shirt tops with prices ranging from £5-£10, so invest in a few that are one or two sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size and you’re onto a winner. At 40 weeks I’m starting to look a bit trailer trash as the belly hangs out, but luckily I’m spending a lot of time in the house these days.

Floaty Dresses
I bought a few dresses that I actually liked and would/could wear again post-pregnancy. The best bit: I didn’t even have to buy a size too big, I just bought floaty dresses that easily cover my bump all the way to 40 weeks. ASOS have a great selection of floaty dresses.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 16.58.27
Lounge pants – possibly the best purchase ever

Strategically placed tights
Once my regular black tights were too big to go over my bump I started wearing the waist underneath my bump instead, which is surprisingly quite comfortable. No need for maternity tights at all!

Lounge pants
Once your pyjamas don’t fit anymore, get some cheap lounge pants from Primark. They’re really comfortable and as they’re quite loose I only had to buy one size too big, so i’ll continue to wear them when the baby arrives.

Wear your partner’s clothes
Not in public obviously… but in the house is fine! I wear his t-shirts for bed as mine don’t fit anymore – they’re comfortable and cover the whole bump!

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