Maternity leave is over… What have I learned?

Well that’s it, my maternity leave has officially ended and I’ve completed my first week back at work.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve gone from working full time, to not working at all, to working 24/7 looking after my new addition.

Leaving my little pops behind to go to work four days a week has got me thinking about the journey I’ve been on over the past year.

I suppose I didn’t really know what to expect from being a first-time mother, but thankfully I’ve learned a lot, so I thought I would share some of it with you. Feel free to share your own wisdom too!

1. Soft plays are manky conjunctivitis ridden gaffs
But I still love them

2. You spend many hours at the doctors
And it’s almost always viral

3. You build a solid mam crew
That other people can’t enter

4. You eat approximately 600 paninis
And drink about 7000 lattes

5. You collect a purse full of coffee shop loyalty cards
And forget to stamp most of them

6. You become an early riser
It’s now impossible to lie in

7. You have to hibernate during the Christmas season
I don’t want your child’s viral infection, I’ve got a dinner to cook

8. You sort of want to piss people off
By encouraging your baby to shout really loud in Aldi

9. You start shouting at pensioners
Who think they’ve got first dibs on the parent & child parking spaces

10. You learn to nod along
When people constantly refer to your pink-clad baby girl as ‘he’

11. You change your shopping habits
Forget clothes, it’s all about Smyths Toys and Mothercare


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